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Our Barre collection combines ballet and Pilates moves to tone and lengthen the body. These classes combine conditioning, cardio and core mat work with specific workouts focused on upper body, lower body, total body and core. The high repetitions mixed with multi-motion movements ensure that no matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced, Move123 Barre collection will really make you feel the burn.


Our Pilates collection focuses on increasing flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture. This collection includes workouts based around; total body, upper or lower body, core or the basics. With Move123 Pilates collection all workouts are low impact, and can be adjusted as required leaving you feeling more flexible, better balanced and standing taller.


Our Cardio collection offers fun and energizing workout classes that are sure to get the heart rate up. These classes include a variety of training styles such as; HIIT, circuit and aerobics. Whether you’re looking to achieve weight loss, lower stress levels, increase fitness or simply boost energy levels Move123 Cardio collection has a class to suit everyone’s goals.


Our Fight collection offers challenging and fun fighting style workouts. This collection covers a wide range of fighting styles including boxing, self-defense, martial arts, and fight fit. With Move123 Fight collection you will learn the proper techniques for a safe and effective workout, while increasing the heart rate.


Our Dance collection offers high calorie-burning workouts through fun and easy-to-follow dance routines. These classes include a variety of dance styles such as; hip hop, urban, fusion, disco, and jazz. There are also themed classes like our fit and around the world workouts. Our Move123 Dance collection is an excellent way for dancers of all abilities to get the body moving and blood pumping.


Our Strength collection offers challenging and calorie burning workouts that strengthen the body. These classes focus on; total, upper or lower body, arms, shoulders, core, back, butt, legs and circuit. Move123 Strength collection can be performed with or without equipment, cater to all ability levels and goals, and will definitely push you to your limits.


Our Stretch collection has been created to focus on the release of tension in the body, lengthen and release muscles as well as improving mobility and flexibility. These classes focus on; total body, upper or lower body, arms, shoulders, core, back, butt, legs, neck or hips. Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and comfortable with Move123 Stretch collection.


Our Yoga collection has been designed to release tension from the body and free the mind of stress. This collection covers a wide variety of yoga styles such as; flow, yin, strength, and desk sitters. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a gentle practice, or an experienced yogi looking for your next challenge; Move123 Yoga collection has something for everyone.


Our Meditation collection is designed to help free the mind of unwanted stress, tension and anxiety. This collection includes guided meditation and covers everything from the foundations of meditation to more advanced techniques. Move123 Meditation is perfect for those new to meditation as well as those who are already deep into their meditation practice.


Our Breathe collection is a series of easy to follow, intentional breathing and relaxation techniques that increase oxygen flow to the brain and body. Move123 Breathe classes are for anyone who wants to improve health, feel better, increase energy levels, alleviate stress and anxiety, improve concentration, sleep better and calm the nervous system as a whole.

Wellness Library

Wellness Solutions videos delivered by the world’s best experts to offer an extensive library of high quality, innovative and educational content. Our collections cover a broad range of health, fitness and wellness topics aimed to educate, motivate, encourage, challenge and inspire the user. Each session is delivered in bite size chunks which break down complex topics in an easily digestible manner.

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