Unlock Your Inner Strength: How Power One Is Changing People’s Lives.

Megan’s Testimonial

This became my therapy. It taught me that by meeting a challenge head-on and persisting through it, the challenge became easier to handle.

Personally, I never leave the gym; it has become my second home. We quickly went from friends to family overnight and with their outgoing and humorous personalities you forget you’re working out. I am there almost every day of the week. Each trainer has such warm personalities that the second you hit the gym floor you feel at home. I can’t even put into words how much Power of One has changed my life, they taught me how to be a healthier person, a harder worker and they showed me that there more than just trainers their your best friends and family.

Rachel’s Testimonial

You’ll never get bored, because not only do they have weight training, but they have fun, heart pumping cardio classes for all ages, which include Kick Boxing, Boxing, Zumba, Yoga, and much more. With motivating trainers, they make that last rep worth all the hard work. You can’t find trainers like this anywhere else. They’re supportive, motivating, loving, and caring. They help you find the strength within yourself that you never knew you had.

What sets Power of One apart from other gyms is their love and passion to help make a difference in someone’s life, especially children’s lives. They want to help kids learn healthy living habits so they can grow up and live a healthy life. If it wasn’t for Power of One, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Over the past two and a half years they have taught me so much about living a healthy life. From nutrition, to work out routines, they help pave every step of the way so you can achieve your weight loss goals. If getting into shape was so easy, it wouldn’t be that much of a payoff. It’s hard work getting where you want to be in life, I’m just glad I have nine amazing trainers, who are more like family, to help me get closer and closer to reaching my goals.

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