Salvatore Caravella, MD, FAAP
Salvatore Caravella is a board-certified pediatrician with an extensive background in neonatology and more recently, behavioral health. For the past thirty years, Salvatore Caravella has been in private pediatric practice in Huntington, Long Island caring for hundreds of families. His personal exercise routines, his high school athletic experience and his experience as a basketball coach for his children has helped to generate his passion for creating healthy lifestyles for those in his practice. He spends countless hours teaching children and their parents the importance and value of exercise and healthy food choices. He provides medical expertise to Power-of-One in the realm of nutrition, appropriate exercise routines for children, strength and conditioning programs for young athletes and prompting a lifelong commitment to health.

cMonica Diamond-Caravella, DNP, MS, RN, AE-C
Monica Diamond-Caravella holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Case Western Reserve University and a Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education from the College of Mount Saint Vincent. She earned both her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Master’s degree in Oncology Nursing from Adelphi University. Earlier in her career, she worked predominantly in mid-level management overseeing oncology nursing care. Since 2010, Monica has worked in academia first as a clinical adjunct instructor and then as a full time assistant professor in the Department of Nursing at Farmingdale State College. She has extensive experience in public health/community-based nursing.  Her passion for health promotion, disease prevention, healthy living and nutrition was jumpstarted by her own personal experience with strength training and exercise along with her commitment to provide a healthy lifestyle for her own children. Monica enjoys a consistent weekly yoga practice and believes that the combination of a variety of exercise routines is effective in maintaining strength, balance and flexibility. She is tied to several local voluntary organizations and loves working with the staff of Power of One on new ventures. Both Salvatore Caravella and Monica Diamond-Caravella have three children and currently reside in Huntington.

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